About the Author

Michael Gilbert's primary interests in economics are in the related areas of human survival in a complex modern economy and in the proper relationship of government to private sector activity. Michael has graduate degrees in mathematics and business administration. He has been a geophysicist since 1974, successfully working on projects in North and South America. Michael has alway enjoyed working with students and people entering the workforce. He has taught mathematics at the college and community college levels, trained geophysicists, and taught Federal income tax preparation. His studies of economics began in 1968 when he became interested in the practical applications of this important academic subject. Michael is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the national business honor society. He is also an emeritus member of both the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America. His perspective on economics is influenced by the many jobs he had while in school including assembly line worker, surveyor's helper, purchasing, inventory clerk, offshore roustabout, delivery driver, insulator's helper, and graduate teaching assistant. Michael currently lives in Houston.