America in the Economic World

This refreshing new book recognizes that necessities and jobs are the natural starting point for the study of economics. It offers a review of how nations survive in the global economy followed by a primer of basic concepts in economics and finance. American economic history from the World War II era to the present provides context for issues that are in the news every day. America in the Economic World is easy-to-read and self-contained. It focuses on those topics that readers care about such as the causes of the Great Recession, employment, social security, Medicare, lifetime consumption, deferred necessities, health care, and education. Everyone will enjoy its brief review of American history including the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927, the Great Depression, the post-war era, the Kennedy tax cuts, the OPEC oil embargos, the Iran hostage crisis, every presidential administration since 1980, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and American military history since 1941. Economic Optimization is offered as a means to spur the economy while providing new jobs, increased consumption, and more economic investment. Americans no longer have to rely on sound bites and over simplification to form their own opinions.

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